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About Aaron

Aaron Del Mar is a seasoned elected official and strategic political thinker and influencer, who provides upbeat, knowledgeable, and entertaining speaking engagements on all things politics. For more than a decade, Aaron has held a wide range of elected political seats and appointments on the local and state level, which have provided him with a unique expertise and deep understanding of government – which speaks to budding politicians, all the way to seasoned political operatives in an exciting, insightful and charismatic way.


Timeline: Elected Positions and Political Appointments 


Elected the youngest ever Councilman for the Village of Palatine


Elected Palatine Township Republic Organization Committeeman

Aaron’s first foray in the political world began in 2009 when he was elected as the youngest ever Councilman for the Village of Palatine, and served in that role for four years. From there, he went on to serve as the Palatine Township Republican Organization Committeeman starting in 2010, a position that he continues to serve in today. Two years later, Aaron was elected as the Cook County Republican Party Chairman where he served for four years and was appointed to the Electoral College by the Illinois Republican Party, also in 2012.


In 2014, he successfully ran for Palatine Township Committeeman as well as Deputy Chairman of the Republican Cook County Party. He was appointed in 2015 as a delegate to the Republican National Committee Convention, and in 2016, he was appointed as a Chair on the Board of Trustees for the Palatine Township Fire Protection District. That same year, he was also appointed as Palatine Township Highway Commissioner and to the International Port Authority by former Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner.


In 2017, Aaron was elected as President of the Palatine Township Fire Protection District, and in 2022, he ran for Lieutenant Governor of Illinois alongside Illinois Gubernatorial Candidate, Gary Rabine.


Aaron has a strong desire to positively impact his community and the greater region through politics and governance. He works tirelessly to identify the expectations, needs and aspirations of the people he currently represents, to diligently meet those expectations. He has also developed a community outreach program that includes both elected and stakeholders at-large to assess and address needs, and additionally assists individuals looking to serve in elected positions for both local and state offices through consulting.

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