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‘Let’s Pitch in Palatine’ Takes Over Annual Township Food Pantry Drive

Updated: Jul 26

Chicago Tribune

A new charity called 'Let's Pitch in Palatine' will take over the Palatine Township Food Drive that is held annually leading up to the holiday season.

For 13 years, former Palatine law firm Lavelle Law sponsored the yearly drive, but due to space restrictions at the firm's new Schaumburg location, representatives stated they are no longer able to participate. Upon learning that the food drive was in need of a sponsor to provide collection boxes and deliver the donations to the Township, Palatine businessman and elected official Aaron Del Mar decided to take up the cause.

"It would have been a difficult year without the assistance provided by Lavelle Law, with so many of our residents in-need," said Palatine Township Supervisor Sharon Langlotz-Johnson. "We are pleased Aaron Del Mar has picked up this project and started the charity 'Let's Pitch In Palatine' to address this need."

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