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Priorities for Illinois

Cut Taxes

Cut Taxes & Grow Economy

Illinois now has the highest cumulative taxes in the nation. Out-of-control property taxes are driving good people and great jobs out of Illinois and those who stay struggle to make ends meet.

Our property taxes are 100% to 300% higher than the average of all other states in America; often our property taxes are much higher than our mortgages. Middle-class and working families struggle more than ever to own a home.

We can rebuild Illinois by making it affordable for our citizens to live here, that’s why we need a tax fighter like Gary Rabine as our Governor and Aaron Del Mar as our Lieutenant Governor.

Here’s what Gary and Aaron will do to make Illinois competitive again.


  • No tax increases.

  • Crush property taxes to compete with the average property taxes in America. This alone would save 50-70% on annual taxes and raise the value of your property substantially fast.

  • Incentivize investments in home ownership and commercial property ownership in struggling neighborhoods to spark growth.

Protecting Communities

Protect Communities

It’s no secret that we have a crime problem in many parts of Illinois. Unlike Governor Pritzker, who has implemented policies making it impossible for law enforcement to do their job, Gary Rabine and Aaron Del Mar will work WITH law enforcement to make sure they have the resources they need to put an end to the rising crime.

Gary and Aaron have heard stories from so many Chicagoans about how they’re scared to walk to the store or to go out at night. These stories are one of the biggest reasons they are running for Governor. We can’t be a great state if our citizens are afraid to leave their own homes, restoring public safety will be a top priority.


Bring Back Jobs

Illinois is losing tens of thousands of jobs every year thanks to JB Pritzker’s anti-business agenda. It’s unacceptable, and it must change.  Those lost jobs are not just numbers, they are family members, friends and neighbors who are facing hard times. These numbers mean less opportunities in the future for our kids and grandkids.

Gary and Aaron have been job creators in Illinois for the majority of their lifes, and as Governor they will lead us back on the path to prosperity once again. We can trust Gary Rabine and Aaron Del Mar to rebuild the Illinois American Dream so that we can all live our best lives here at home.

As Governor, Gary Rabine and Aaron Del Mar will assemble a team of the best economic minds to put together an Illinois Economic Recovery plan to ensure we can bring back over 50,000 jobs annually.



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